Cupertino Flutter App — Part 1

Maneesha Erandi
5 min readFeb 14, 2023

Cupertino widgets give a better iOS native look to our Flutter app. This library is designed for apps run on the iOS platform. In this article I will give you a demo example with some Cupertino widgets.

In this article I will talk about bellow widgets.

  • CupertinoNavigationBar
  • CupertinoPageScaffold
  • CupertinoSearchTextField
  • CupertinoSliverNavigationBar
  • CupertinoTabBar
  • CupertinoTabScaffold
  • CupertinoTabView
  • CupertinoContextMenu
  • CupertinoButton
  • Navigating to another page

First of all since I didn’t use the material app, I created a CupertinoApp to get everything under my Cupertino theme. So I provided a CupertinoThemeData to my CupertinoApp where I can give theme data. SF-Pro is my selected font family and I used CupertinoTextThemeData to set the font family for my full app. Just like this!

    return const CupertinoApp(
theme: CupertinoThemeData(
brightness: Brightness.light,