Fast & Secure NoSQL Database — Hive for Flutter

Maneesha Erandi
3 min readDec 13, 2022
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Hive is a lightweight and fast NoSQL db for flutter. It’s a popular and frequently updating package that we can use as a local data storage in our flutter apps. It provides a cool documentation and set of useful extension packages as well.

Hive is inspired by Bitcask. Bitcask provides an API for storing and retrieving key/value data into a log-structured hash table.

Strengths of BitCask

  • Low latency for read and write
  • High throughput, especially when writing an incoming stream of random items
  • Single seek to retrieve any value
  • Fast, bounded crash recovery
  • Easy backup

So hive has great features like ..

  • Cross platform: mobile, desktop, browser
  • Great performance
  • Simple, powerful, & intuitive API
  • Strong encryption built in
  • NO native dependencies

Installation and import

hive: latest_version
import 'package:hive/hive.dart';

Extension packages

  • hive_flutter
  • hive_generator