Flutter UI Essentials —Material 3 SearchBar

Maneesha Erandi
5 min readMay 24, 2023

The search bar is a very common component that we use in our applications. In Flutter, we have many packages to easily implement a search. This article is about Material Design 3's search bar. You can find example code with a search implementation without using an external package.

Material 3 SearchBar

This is the material component for the user to enter a query as a keyword or phrase and get the available relevant information. The search bar is a well-known way for users to navigate a single item through search queries.

How should it be?

  • When you select the search bar and type text, it will display dynamically recommended keywords or phrases.
  • Interaction begins with the search bar, and results are always displayed in a search view to guarantee that there is enough space for results.
  • We can include a leading search or menu icon and one or more trailing icons.

What’s new

  • New component for search navigation
  • Full M3 capabilities including dynamic color

Flutter SearchBar

This is a material design search bar. It includes a leading search icon, a text input field, and optional trailing icons.