Flutter UI Essentials — Sliders

Maneesha Erandi
3 min readApr 4, 2024

We use Sliders to make selections from range of values.

Material sliders

  • configurations: Continuous, discrete, centered, range selection
  • should display the full range of choices that are available
  • value should immediately visible
  • best to change settings such as volume and brightness

Changes in Material 3

Configuration: Added centered configuration

Shape: New shape for slider tracks and handles. Slider elements change shape when selected.

Motion: Slider handle adjusts width upon selection. Slider tracks adjust in shape when sliding to the edge.

Color: New color mappings and compatibility with dynamic color

Flutter Slider Widget


This will create a Material Design slider

Key? key,
required double value,
double? secondaryTrackValue,
required ValueChanged<double>?
onChanged, ValueChanged<double>?
ValueChanged<double>? onChangeEnd,
double min = 0.0,
double max = 1.0,
int? divisions,
String? label,
Color? activeColor,
Color? inactiveColor,
Color? secondaryActiveColor,
Color? thumbColor…